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Whether you want to lose weight, manage chronic pain, get healthy, build muscle or just start moving again, Koko is the place for you, with a plan for you


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Whether you are new to fitness, or are just starting over, our tech-driven systems are designed to individualize the experience especially for you. Each time efficient Koko workout lasts 15-45 minutes, just 2-3 times a week.

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"Kristina has been a Koko member since November 2017. Prior to joining Koko she had taken a break from the gym scene and she sort of “dabbled” at the gym. Kristina found that other gyms were just “regular” gyms. Kristina’s goal is to build muscle and to get fit inside and out. Since joining Koko she feels fabulous, her jeans fit better, she feels better and her waist is trimmer. “I love the structure at Koko. I’m not stressed out about the gym. When I went to the regular gyms I didn’t know what to do and I walked in and kind of slacked off. I didn’t challenge myself at all. Koko takes the brainwork out and it fits into my stressful life.” "


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